Members' Events

2019-2020 Members’ Events Calendar

Throughout the 2019-2020 season, MRC and Mornington members have the chance to attend a range of wonderful events across all three racecourses. With the return of the sold-out Headway Members’ Millinery Showcase on Wednesday 25 September 2019, Industry Evenings, Young Members’ events and our successful family days, the 2019-2020 season is sure to be packed full of entertainment and enjoyment.

Be sure to place the following event dates in your diary:

Members' Events 2019
Mornington Members’ Race Day (MOR) 27 August
Clip Clop Club Day (CAU) 29 September
MRC Young Members’ Event (CAU) 12 October
The Moët & Chandon Marquee (CAU) 16 October
Might & Power Sporting Luncheon presented by Ladbrokes (CAU) 16 October
MRC Young Members’ Event (CAU) 19 October
Highview Marquee at Ladbrokes Peninsula Cup Day (MOR) 3 November
Clip Clop Club Day (LBP) 16 November
Members' Events 2020
Clip Clop Club Day (MOR) 1 January
MRC Members’ Race Day (CAU) 4 January
Clip Clop Club Day (CAU) 8 February
MRC Young Members’ Event (CAU) 22 February
Garden Bar Marquee at Ladbrokes Mornington Cup Day (MOR) 21 March
Clip Clop Club Day (CAU) 11 April
Clip Clop Club Day (MOR) 8 June

Keep an eye on your member emails for up to date event details, additional announcements and invites throughout the season. MRC Owned Events dates to be confirmed.