MRC Member Forum, Q and A

In conjunction with the Melbourne Racing Club’s commitment to communicate and engage more frequently with our loyal members, the Club held a Member Forum and Q and A Session in the Peter Lawrence room at Caulfield Racecourse on February 4th.

Sixty two MRC Members attended the meeting in the Peter Lawrence Room, with the MRC Chairman Mike Symons providing an update on Club initiatives including:

  • Membership Update
  • MRC Foundation
  • MRC Owned Events
  • What’s In Store For Members in 2017

Melbourne Racing Club Members then had the opportunity to take part in an open forum discussion with members of the Committee.

During the open forum session, a number of comments were raised by our loyal members. Please find a summary of the comments raised by members, along with the responses from our Committee below.

The Melbourne Racing Club are currently working on addressing the comments raised by members and you will find the follow up actions to these comments also included below.

Thank you for your ongoing support as a Member of the Melbourne Racing Club and we look forward to seeing you on course soon as we build towards the 2017 Ladbrokes Blue Diamond Stakes on February 25th.

Question/Comment (MRC Members)

The current offering at the Caulfield Glasshouse needs improvement.

Response From Committee: The club is concerned to hear this feedback and will address this internally with the management of the Glasshouse restaurant.

Proposed Club Actions: The CEO of Pegasus Leisure Group has called each of the members to who made comments regarding the Glasshouse to better understand the feedback and address the issues raised.

Is there any truth to the rumour that racing will end at Sandown?

Response From Committee: There is no truth to this rumour. No decisions regarding the future of Sandown have been made and all Members will be consulted before any decisions are made.

Proposed Club Actions: The Club will keep its Members informed throughout the master planning process and ensure Members are consulted before any decisions are made.

Why does the Glasshouse currently stamp MRC Members before entering the course?

Response From Committee: We will speak with the head of Pegasus Leisure Group to see if another alternative can be explored.

Proposed Club Actions: Hand held scanners have been purchased by Pegasus Leisure Group and are currently being tested before we remove the stamping process.

Would the Club explore a methane converter to help with energy cost savings?

Response From Committee: This is a great idea and is currently being explored by our ground staff.

Proposed Club Actions: The Club is still working through the viability of this option with the relevant stakeholders.

Concerns were raised in relation to the quality of the horse stalls.

Response From Committee: The Club is yet to receive any negative feedback in relation to the horse stalls from the trainers or industry staff.

Proposed Club Actions: The Club will proactively seek feedback from the trainers with the view of looking where improvements can be made.

Has an architect been employed to design a new grandstand in the gap area at Caulfield?

Response From Committee: No. The Club will not employ an architect until a long term lease at Caulfield has been secured.

Proposed Club Actions: Once the long term lease has been secured, the Club will explore all options for permanent facilities, including a new grandstand in consultation with its members.

The dining offerings are too expensive at Caulfield.

Response From Committee: The club regularly benchmarks its pricing with other venues and restaurants to ensure that MRC’s pricing is competitive. Particularly when it comes to beverage pricing.

Proposed Club Actions: The Club is working with our food and beverage team to look at other restaurant options at Caulfield at a lower price point as well as conducting our annual pricing review.

How was the Sub-Committee selected? How do you provide feedback to the Sub-Committee members?

Response From Committee: The Club received expressions of interest from a club email sent regarding the Sub-Committee. A formal letter was then sent to those who expressed interest and the group was locked down at this point.

Proposed Club Actions: The Member Sub-Committee group will be rotated regularly to ensure the Club has a broad range of different members involved.

Members can provide feedback online through the member feedback form, via email at or in person at the race day office.

Those without email do not receive all of the clubs communication.

Response From Committee: The Club still currently issues printed versions of the annual report, keeping track magazine and regular mailed updates. It would be cost inefficient for the club to mail every piece of communication (often twice weekly).

Proposed Club Actions: With the new online member portal, the Club encourages all members without a registered email to provide an email address.

The Members Millinery night entry experience needs drastic improvement.

Response From Committee: This is duly noted by the Club and we will work with the events team to make this process more efficient next Season.

Proposed Club Actions: The relevant stakeholders in the events team have been provided with this feedback and are working on a better entry experience for 2017.