Caulfield Village – A Members Experience

Pauline Henthorn (MRC Member)

A New Lifestyle Unfolds at Caulfield Village

The response from residents just a few months after moving into Caulfield Heath, the first precinct in the prestigious Caulfield Village development unfolding next to Caulfield Racecourse, has been overwhelmingly positive, especially from MRC members.

For those residents now unpacked and enjoying their new Caulfield surrounds, the biggest single message is how the move has transformed their lifestyle.

Pauline Henthorn, aged 67, now spends her time between her holiday home in Rosebud and her new two-bedroom town home at Caulfield Heath, enjoying the best of both worlds.

“As a member of the MRC I’d been looking at what has been happening at Caulfield Village and I wanted to get in early to find my dream. I always wanted a ground floor townhouse and that’s given me an added feeling of space given the outside terrace. It has a real feeling of light and space,’’ she said.

Pauline has been a MRC member since 2011 and now has the added benefit of attending race meetings with just a short walk.

“I certainly have no excuse to ever miss the first race at Caulfield. I only need to walk out the front of the building and then I can go through the Maple entrance where the horses are stabled and I don’t even have to walk up to the front entrance,’’ she said.

Dirk and Collette Ruijs (MRC Members)

It’s the combination of the ability to get everywhere on foot around Caulfield (including regular trips to the local swimming pool) or the easy accessibility to the Caulfield train station which especially thrills Pauline.

Her love of the arts can be fulfilled by the short train ride into Flinders Street Station (she says during the day she never has to wait more than 10 minutes given the station is serviced by three different train lines) and then a walk across Princess Bridge to the Arts Centre.

“I’m one of those quintessential baby boomers downsizing and getting a new life and it’s like opening an oyster. I cannot thank the MRC and the people at Beck Property Group enough. I lived for 35 years in my beloved house and now I’m enjoying all that Caulfield has to offer. It’s great having a racecourse on my front doorstep,’’ Pauline said.

“With wall-to-floor windows there is an added advantage. We haven’t needed to have the heating on so far so our energy costs are right down, but our windows are tinted which adds to privacy,’’ she said.

Dirk Ruijs and his wife Collette, both aged in their 70s, moved into their King apartment (three bedrooms and a study) in October, having previously lived in an upstairs townhouse in Blackburn.

Collette, a long-time MRC member, enjoys going to the races, and Dirk enjoys the proximity to the city and St Kilda Beach and even visits to the iconic Prahran Market.

“We’re enjoying apartment living. Yes, there are more people, but it’s very quiet during the day. We’ve got a large apartment, facing towards the city and its very light with big floor to ceiling windows. There’s so much light we almost need our sunglasses. We’ve been very happy,’’ Dirk said.

Collette has got into the habit of walking to Caulfield Park in the morning and then dropping into a local café for a coffee. Dirk prefers an early trip to the gym located onsite at Caulfield Heath and then a short walk to the swimming pool where he pops into the sauna.

“The swimming pool is just a three to four-minute walk away. It’s a lot different to where we used to live in Blackburn for 40 years, but we’re really enjoying it,’’ he said.

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