Special General Meeting Update

Statement regarding Special General Meeting

At the Special General Meeting of members held last Thursday, April 28, a vote to amend the club’s rules to align the maximum terms of the offices of Chairman, Vice Chairman and Treasurer with general Executive Committee tenure was approved.

Despite the approval of the motion by independent election and voting specialists, Corpvote, the MRC has opted not to seek the approval of the Minister for Racing of the club rule change, as is required under the Racing Act, the effect of which is that the motion approved by members on April 28 does not stand.

Alternatively, the club will conduct a repeat of the vote in a commitment to high standards of governance and to quell any perception around the integrity of the original vote. The vote will take place at a time to be determined by the MRC Executive Committee.

A statement by MRC Chief Executive Officer, Brodie Arnhold, is following.

“We are a members’ club and, while very much in the minority, a select few members expressed concerns over the process undertaken as the amendment was successfully passed.

“We want to demonstrate that our governance standards are unconditional and that our integrity cannot be questioned. In order to achieve that, we have decided to run the vote again at a time to be determined.

“We encourage all of our members to participate in that process once again, and in doing so, apologise to all members who voted in favour of the amendment originally, who have been disenfranchised by our decision to repeat the process.