Members' Events

2019-2020 Members’ Events Calendar

Throughout the 2019-2020 season, MRC and Mornington members have the chance to attend a range of wonderful events across all three racecourses. With the return of the sold-out Headway Members’ Millinery Showcase on Wednesday 25 September 2019, Industry Evenings, Young Members’ events and our successful family days, the 2019-2020 season is sure to be packed full of entertainment and enjoyment.

Be sure to place the following event dates in your diary:

Members' Events 2019
Mornington Members’ Race Day (MOR) 27 August
Clip Clop Club Day (CAU) 29 September
MRC Young Members’ Event (CAU) 12 October
The Moët & Chandon Marquee (CAU) 16 October
Might & Power Sporting Luncheon presented by Ladbrokes (CAU) 16 October
MRC Young Members’ Event (CAU) 19 October
Highview Marquee at Ladbrokes Peninsula Cup Day (MOR) 3 November
Clip Clop Club Day (LBP) 16 November
Members' Events 2020
Clip Clop Club Day (MOR) 1 January
MRC Members’ Race Day (CAU) 4 January
Clip Clop Club Day (CAU) 8 February
Garden Bar Marquee at Neds Mornington Cup Day (MOR) 21 March
Clip Clop Club Day (CAU) 11 April
Clip Clop Club Day (MOR) 8 June

Keep an eye on your member emails for up to date event details, additional announcements and invites throughout the season. MRC Owned Events dates to be confirmed.