Membership Cards


Lost or stolen membership cards/passes must be reported to the Membership Team immediately to prevent unauthorised use. Replacement fees apply and are listed below. The fee will be waived if the card/pass is stolen and a copy of a police report is included with the statutory declaration.

Upon issue of replacement cards and car park passes, previous passes will be cancelled and no longer valid.

Card / Pass Type Price
Membership Card $20
Provisional Membership Card (Annual Guest Card) $20
Clip Clop Club Membership Card $10
Youth Membership Card $10
Mornington Guest Passes $10
Car Park Passes $10

Faulty Cards

Should you experience any problems with your membership card/s admitting you to the racecourse or Members’ Reserve at the turnstiles please report the matter to the Race Day Office on a race day.

Forgotten Membership Cards on a Race Day

If a membership card is forgotten on a race day, members will be required to pay racecourse admission and will then need to proceed to the Race Day Office. Upon presentation of appropriate identification, a Daily Members’ Reserve Guest Pass may be issued. Racecourse admission will not be refunded. There are strictly no paper tickets given on all Group One race days.

Please note that Pegasus Rewards points will not be retrospectively added for the day.

Misuse of Membership Cards

Your Melbourne Racing Club membership card is strictly non-transferable and may not be used by any other person other than the owner. Lending a membership card to obtain admission and Members’ Reserve access is a serious breach of Club rules and offenders will be referred to the Committee.

Members’ Car Parks

The Melbourne Racing Club offers both MRC and Mornington Racing Club members a complimentary Car Park Pass valid for Mornington Racing Club and Ladbrokes Park with their 2018-2019 membership, ensuring convenient access. Car Park Passes are issued to all members in their membership packs and must be affixed to the inside of a car windscreen prior to the vehicle entering, and whilst the car remains, in the Members’ Car Parks at all racecourses.


MRC members also have the opportunity to add a Members’ Car Park Pass to their membership package which provides convenient access during all race meetings and events.

Members’ Car Park Pass

In the 2018-2019 season, there will be one (1) standard car parking pass available for members for just $99, providing access to one of three designated parking areas.

Please note: There is no longer a specific Guineas car parking pass available to purchase.

Car Park Entry

Guineas Car Park - via Gate 20, Normanby Road (Not available over 2018 Stella Artois Caulfield Cup Carnival)

Maple Car Park - via Gate 2, Station Street

Members’ Centre Car Park - via the vehicle tunnel at the roundabout at the intersection of Glen Eira Road and Kambrook Road.

Maple Car Park (Members’ Car Park 3) - via Station Street

Members’ Centre Car Park - via the vehicle tunnel at the roundabout at the intersection of Glen Eira Road and Kambrook Road.

Please note: A Members’ Car Park Pass (available for $99 by contacting the Membership Team on 1300 46 7223) is required for entry to the above car parks at Caulfield Racecourse. A Restricted Car Park Pass for Mornington and Ladbrokes Park or a Membership Card will NOT provide access.

Mornington Racing Club

Access the Mornington Members’ Car Park via entry from Gate 1 and Gate 2 on Racecourse Rd.

Ladbrokes Park

Ladbrokes Park has two Members’ Car Parks as follows:

Car Park Location

Members’ Car Park 1 located in front of the Main Entrance

Members’ Car Park 2 located adjacent to the Birdcage Entrance

Members’ Car Park Pass Conditions of Use

  • Car park passes are strictly non-transferable.
  • Car park passes must be affixed to inside of windscreen while the car remains in car park.

Membership Additional Items

MRC members have the opportunity to purchase a variety of additional items to add to their membership which include:

Provisional Membership (Annual Guest Card) $280

Transferable pass providing racecourse admission and access to the Members’ Reserve at Caulfield, Mornington and Ladbrokes Park. Does not include access to the members-only Medallion Bar at Caulfield Racecourse.

Members’ Car Park Pass $99

Provides car parking in one of three designated parking areas at Caulfield Racecourse for all race meetings. Does not include access to the Guineas Car Park over the 2018 Stella Artois Caulfield Cup Carnival.


Daily Members’ Reserve Guest Passes

Daily Members’ Reserve Guest Passes are available at Caulfield, Mornington and Ladbrokes Park for selected race meetings (limits and conditions apply – visit page 22 of your handbook for details).

Bringing guests along to Melbourne Racing Club race meetings is easy! You can arrange daily guest passes a number of ways, including:

  • Purchasing passes at the Race Day Office or by calling 1300 GO RACE (46 7223)
  • Redeeming complimentary passes from your Membership Card for Caulfield and Mornington, or at the back of the Handbook for Ladbrokes Park
  • Redeeming your Pegasus Rewards points for guest passes
  • Completing the form in your Members’ Dining brochure

Should you wish to purchase additional items, please visit or contact the Membership Team on 1300 GO RACE (46 7223).