Terms and Conditions

Melbourne Racing Club (‘MRC’)
MRC Members' Loyalty Program - Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions (as amended from time to time by the MRC) will apply on and from the above Effective Date to the MRC Pegasus Rewards Loyalty Program and to all points earned by Members after that date.

Reward points earned prior to the current racing season will be available to spend during the current racing season provided that the Member has renewed their Membership and paid the Subscription Fee for the current racing season prior to 31 December of the current racing season.

  1. Introduction
    1. These Terms and Conditions form the basis of the MRC’s Members’ Pegasus Rewards Loyalty Program (the ‘Program’), together with the Club Rules and other communications provided to Members from time to time. It is the Member’s responsibility to read and understand all them.
    1.2. These Terms and Conditions govern all aspects of the Program and every Member is bound by them. Each Member accepts these Terms and Conditions (as amended from time to time) each time they pay the Subscription Fee, submit their Membership renewal form, renew their Membership, use their Membership Card or Member Number, earn or attempt to earn Points, claim or utilise a Reward or do anything else contemplated by these Terms and Conditions, or attempt to do any of these things.
    1.3. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information provided to Members in relation to the Program is correct. The MRC is in no way responsible or liable if any information provided to Members concerning the Program is inaccurate or incomplete.
    1.4. The MRC reserves the right to change the Program and/or these Terms and Conditions at any time at its discretion in accordance with section 10 below. The version of these Terms and Conditions published on the MRC Website from time to time is the current version and will bind all Members.
    1.5. These Terms and Conditions are for the benefit of each Member, the MRC and each Partner.
    1.6. These Terms and Conditions are governed by and will be constructed in accordance with the law in force in the State of Victoria, Australia. The Member should note their rights under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) and relevant State and Territory legislation which cannot be contracted out of by the MRC. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions either limits, or purports to limit, these rights.
    1.7. The MRC includes its employees and representatives. References to “we”, “us” and “our” are references to the MRC.
  2. Definitions
    Absentee Member means an annual Membership whereby a Member is ineligible to attend race meetings, but wishes to remain a current member, to ensure years of membership are continued and to avoid paying a higher new member fee.
    Base Ratemeans the number of Standard Points earned by a Member for an Eligible Transaction. The Base Rate is currently set at 5 points per $1 spent (per section 5 below).
    Bonus Points means Points that are awarded for participation in a MRC or Partner Promotion. Bonus Points are separate to Standard Points. Bonus Points are not always issued at the Base Rate.
    Club Rules means the rules of the MRC as amended from time to time in relation to any aspect of the MRC’s operations, including (without limitation) the Club Rules, By-laws and conditions of entry.
    Dining Transaction means an Eligible Transaction in respect of which a Member has made a restaurant booking at an Eligible Restaurant by:
    a) filling in the relevant online booking form; or
    b) making a telephone booking.
    Dollars means Australian dollars.
    Early Bird Offer is an offer for Bonus Points available to Full Members who have renewed their Membership online by paying their Subscription Fee prior to 31 July. Online refers to renewals made via MRC website. Renewals via phone, post or in-person are not valid.
    Eligible Restaurant means:
    a) Promenade Restaurant at Caulfield Racecourse;
    b) Let’s Elope Restaurant at Ladbrokes Park Racecourse; and
    c) Gunnamatta Restaurant at Mornington Racecourse.
    Eligible Transaction means a transaction (as described in section 5 below) by which a Member makes a purchase from the MRC that the MRC has notified Members is eligible to earn Standard Points and, at the time of the transaction, the Member has (a) successfully scanned their Membership Card or (b) where the Eligible Transaction is a Dining Transaction, the Member has quoted their Member Number online or over the phone to make a booking in a permanent Racecourse restaurant. Eligible Transactions do not include wagering and gambling transactions (and any amounts spent on wagering or gaming, either with MRC or any other third party), or transactions at Caulfield Glasshouse, Steeples Mornington and Sandown Highways. MRC may notify Members of other transactions that are or are not Eligible Transactions from time to time at its discretion in accordance with section 10 below.
    Full Member means a Member who does not fall into one of the following Membership categories: Winning Owner, Staff, Family & Friends, Absentee, Casual, Life, VIP Honorary, Interstate & International, Youth or Clip Clop Club Members.
    Member means a person who is a member of the MRC in one of the following membership categories: Full Member, Under 41, Winning Owner, Staff, Family and Friend, Life, VIP or Chairman’s Club Member or a Full Mornington racecourse member.Member Number means the MRC Member number associated with a Member’s Membership.
    Membership means the category of membership granted by the MRC to a Member for a Racing Season provided that the Member has paid the relevant Subscription Fee.
    Membership Card means the non-transferable card associated with a Member’s Membership.
    MRC means Victoria Amateur Turf Club (incorporating the Melbourne Racing Club).
    MRC Customer Service means the Melbourne Racing Club Call Centre which can be contacted on 1300 GO RACE (46 7223).
    MRC Website means mrc.racing.com.
    Oncourse Spend means purchases at Point of Sale terminals throughout the permanent facilities (as notified by MRC from time to time) within a Racecourse.
    Partner means an official partner or sponsor of the MRC (as nominated by the MRC from time to time) that is an organisation with whom the MRC has an agreement concerning:
    a) the MRC crediting to Members certain Bonus Points (where applicable) on behalf of that organisation as a result of certain eligible transactions involving that organisation’s products or services; and/or
    b) that organisation supplying other Rewards to Members as agreed with the MRC.
    Point of Sale means the MRC sales terminals located within a Racecourse as published (and as amended) by the MRC from time to time.
    Points means Standard Points and Bonus Points (collectively) unless otherwise stated.
    Program means MRC Members’ Pegasus Rewards Program.
    Promotion means an opportunity to earn Bonus Points through a particular transaction or activity or behaviour that the MRC has notified Members is a Promotion or eligible to earn Bonus Points.
    Racecourse means Caulfield Racecourse, Mornington Racecourse or Ladbrokes Park Racecourse.
    Race Meeting means an official horse race meeting conducted by the MRC at a Racecourse.
    Racing Season means the period from 1 August to 31 July in the following calendar year (inclusive).
    Redemption means the exchange of Points for a Reward.
    Reward means any product or experience, or other reward obtained by a Member through the Redemption of Points under the Program.
    Standard Points means Program points eligible to be earned by a Member for their spend on Eligible Transactions.
    Subscription Fees means the subscription fees required to be paid by a Member (including any GST)in order to be granted the relevant category of Membership by the MRC for a Racing Season.
    Terms and Conditions means these Terms and Conditions as amended from time to time.
  1. Participation in the Program
    1 Unless otherwise specified in these Terms and Conditions, all financial Members are eligible to participate in the Program. Absentee, Casual, Interstate & International, Youth and Clip Clop Club Members are not entitled to participate in the Program.
    3.2 Each Member shall remain responsible for advising the MRC of any change of name or address. Changes can be made by contacting MRC Customer Service.
    3.3 Should a Member be suspended for any reason in accordance with the Club Rules, their Program account will be inaccessible for the duration of the suspension. Despite any such suspension, Point expiry rules will still apply per section 6 of these Terms and Conditions.
    3.4 Participation in the Program will cease upon a person ceasing to be a Member under the Club Rules (including by death) and all Points will be cancelled effective from the date of cessation.
  1. Use of MRC Membership Card
    1 A Member’s own Membership Card is required to be used by the Member to record attendance at a Racecourse, track Member spend on Eligible Transactions and record participation in any Promotion (as required by the terms of the Promotion) at Race Meetings in order for Points to be allocated to that Member under the Program.
    4.2 It is the sole responsibility of the Member to bring their Membership Card to the Race Meeting and to ensure that their Membership Card is scanned as required at the turnstiles at the Racecourse to earn any Bonus Points that may be available from time to time for Racecourse attendance. No retrospective Points will be awarded in respect of attendance, Oncourse Spend, Eligible Transactions, or participation in Promotions, where a Member did not adhere to the above conditions at the time of entry or processing the relevant transaction (as the case may be).
    4.3 The MRC Membership Card is and shall remain the property of the MRC (even when in use by the Member) and must be returned on demand. It is not a payment or credit card.
    4.4 The MRC Membership Card is valid for use only by the Member and is not transferable under any circumstances. Accrued points are intended to reward the individual member spend, not group or function expenses.
    4.5 The MRC Membership Card is valid for use only during the Racing Season in which the Member has paid their Subscription Fees.
    4.6 The MRC reserves the right to require the Member to produce their Membership Card at any time while making an Eligible Transaction or Redeeming any Rewards.
    4.7 Each Member undertakes that they will take all possible precautions to prevent any unauthorised use of their Membership Card. In the event of loss or theft of a Membership Card, it is the responsibility of the Member to immediately advise the MRC.
    4.8 The MRC will not be liable for misuse of a lost or stolen Membership Card or for any delay in providing a replacement card.
    4.9 If a Member requires a replacement Membership Card, a replacement card fee of $20.00 (GST inclusive) will be charged, subject to section 4.10 below.
    4.10 Replacement Card fee waivers – The replacement card fee will be waived upon request by the Member under the following circumstances:
    a) Stolen Card – police report or reference number required.
    b) Faulty Card – card has inoperable barcode.
  2. Earning Points
    For the purposes of this clause 5, the term ‘total spend’ includes any GST but excludes tips and any spend to the extent vouchers are used or Points are Redeemed.
    5.1 A Member may earn Standard Points at the Base Rate for their total spend on Eligible Transactions when transacting at permanent Point of Sale terminals within the Racecourse (points can only be earned at outlets where cards can be scanned) and scanning their Membership Card at the time of purchase.
    5.2 A Member may earn Standard Points at the Base Rate for their total spend on Dining Transactions which are Eligible Transactions. For the purpose of this section 5.2, spend on a Dining Transaction shall relate solely to the Member’s individual restaurant dining ticket (e.g. where a Member books, and pays for, a table for 6 people for $600, the Member is deemed to have a $100 spend and Standard Points will be issued to the Member on this basis). This section 5.2 does not encompass spend on beverages while a Member is at an Eligible Restaurant, and such spend shall be considered as Point of Sale Eligible Transactions with Points accruing on the basis set out in section 5.1.
    5.3 Up to date details on Eligible Transaction and Promotions are set out on the MRC Website.
    5.4 MRC may change the Base Rate at any time, or vary the Base Rate by tier, in accordance with section 10 below. There is no cap to the number of points a Member can earn.
    5.5 A Member may also earn Bonus Points from time to time, as made available by the MRC and Partners, for participation in Promotions on the terms published from time to time by the MRC or Partner and the applicable terms set out in section 5.13 of these Terms and Conditions. The rate at which Bonus Points are issued will change and will be determined by the MRC.5.6 Points will not be awarded in relation to any Eligible Transaction that is cancelled or refunded or the relevant product or service is returned. MRC may cancel or deduct any Points that have been awarded in relation to cancelled, refunded or returned Eligible Transactions or products or services.
    5.7 Except as provided elsewhere in these Terms and Conditions, or as otherwise specified by MRC, Standard Points may be credited only to the account of the Member who made the Eligible Transaction.
    5.8 The basis upon which Members may be permitted to accumulate Standard Points (including any formulae for accruing Points) shall be determined by the MRC in its sole and absolute discretion and may change from time to time in accordance with section 10 below.
    5.9 Points are not money, cannot be transferred or exchanged or refunded for money and cannot be used by any person other than the Member who accumulated the Points. It is the Member’s responsibility to ensure that their Membership Card has been:
    a) properly inserted into/placed in front of and accepted by the card reader/scanner when entering the Racecourse at any Race Meeting; and
    b) properly scanned at the Point of Sale terminal when making an Eligible Transaction at a Point of Sale, prior to the transaction being cashed off by the staff member.
    5.10 The MRC shall not be liable in any way in relation to the unavailability of Points which fail to accumulate as a result of Partner error, technical malfunction, or by reason of operator fault, misrepresentation or any other reason beyond the reasonable control of the MRC.
    5.11 The MRC reserves the right to adjust a Member’s Points balance and to withdraw or alter any Rewards where such Points or Rewards have accumulated as the result of any error, technical malfunction, operator fault, misrepresentation or any other reason, including any act or omission (including negligence) by the MRC or a Partner.
    5.12 Any notice issued by the MRC to the Member specifying the number of Standard Points or Bonus Points accumulated by the Member may be adjusted by the MRC by any subsequent notice.
    5.13 Bonus Points and other Promotions:

    1. a) MRC may from time to time offer all or some members Bonus Point Promotions (or ways to earn Point redemption opportunities) on an ad hoc basis. Such Promotions are usually one off or time constrained or temporary offers that are communicated to Members from time to time (for example, double points offers etc). Such Promotions may be in conjunction with a Partner.
      b) Unless determined otherwise by MRC in its sole discretion, the following additional terms and conditions apply to any such Bonus Point Promotions:

    (a) Each Promotion is valid on the dates specified by MRC or, if no such dates are specified, the offer is valid only on the day that the offer is sent to the Member;
    (b) Each Promotion is personal to the Member it is sent to and cannot be transferred to or accepted by any other Member;
    (c) Any Promotion that includes or relates to an offer of an alcoholic beverage will only be satisfied if it can be satisfied in accordance with the MRC’s obligations for responsible service of alcohol. MRC promotes the responsible service of alcohol and any Member wishing to take up such an offer must be 18 years or over;
    (d) Promotions are only available to Members and not their guests or any third parties;
    (e) Promotions may be made to one or more Members or a limited number of Members, at MRC’s discretion;
    (f) The MRC may place limitations on Promotions in terms of the number of times an offer can be accessed by a Member or the time during which they are available. Limitations for each offer will be communicated by the MRC prior to the offer being made available;
    (g) Members must, as applicable, scan or provide their Membership Card at the specified Point of Sale (or permanent retail outlet) before the staff member has cashed the transaction off or provide their Member number to MRC Customer Service to take up Promotions;
    (h) Where a Promotion relates to a Race Meeting prize draw and requires the purchase of food and/or beverage to enter the draw, purchases of food and/or beverages by redeeming points are excluded;
    (i) Promotions are subject to available stock and may be withdrawn at any time;
    (j) Promotions may be subject to other applicable terms and conditions which will be communicated to Members as relevant.

    The current Bonus Points (which are subject to change at MRC’s discretion) available are:

    • Full MRC Member Referral – 5000 Bonus Points valid for full season membership only)
    • Full Mornington Member Referral – 2500 Bonus Points (valid for full season membership only)
    • Early Bird Offer (Full Member renewal) – 4,000 Bonus Points
    • Early Bird Offer (Mornington Member renewal) – 2,500 Bonus Points
    • Attendance at a Race Day (Caulfield Racecourse and Mornington Racecourse only) – 200 Bonus Points
      To earn Bonus Points for a referral, the new Member must include details of the Member referring them at the time of application.
  1. Points Expiry
    1 Points accumulated through the Program will carry over to the next Racing Season provided that the Membership is renewed and the Member has paid the Subscription Fee for the next Racing Season.
    6.2 MRC Members who do not renew can keep their Points balance to be used in the future by purchasing an Absentee Membership. For every year they buy an Absentee Membership they can keep their points, for a maximum of two consecutive years. Those that then renew their MRC Membership will receive the Points balance for use.
    6.3 If a MRC Member does not renew their membership or purchase an Absentee Membership prior to 31 December in the following Racing Season, their Program points will expire and be absorbed by the MRC.


  1. Awarding of Points
    1 Points will ordinarily be awarded within 5 business days. There may be some delay between an Eligible Transaction or attendance at a MRC Race meeting and the awarding of Standard Points and Bonus Points. The MRC will take all reasonable steps to limit such delays beyond the reasonable processing time, but will not be liable in the event of delays which are not within its reasonable control.
    7.2 Members can check their Points balance by logging into their Members portal via the MRC Website or by calling MRC Customer Service. During an MRC Race Meeting, Members can request a receipt or a verbal balance update on making a purchase.
    7.3 Members cannot pool or combine their Points with those of other Members and Points cannot be assigned, transferred, or otherwise made available for the benefit of any other person or legal entity.


  1. Rewards
    1 The MRC may at any time and without prior notice change the Rewards that are to be made available or offered to Members. The MRC shall have no obligation to make available or offer any particular Reward.
    8.2 Specific Rewards may be subject to terms and conditions in respect of redemption.
    8.3 The MRC shall not be liable in any way to any Member in relation to the availability or withdrawal of a particular Reward that may have been previously displayed or promoted as being available. The MRC will not be liable for any failure to offer any particular Reward. Reward availability is limited.
    8.4 Rewards cannot be used in conjunction with other discount programs, offers or special events, whether run by the MRC or a third party, unless otherwise approved by MRC or specified in the terms and conditions of a particular discount program, offer or special event.
    8.5 Rewards cannot be assigned, transferred, or otherwise made available for the benefit of any other person or legal entity.
  1. Redeeming Rewards
    1 A Member may redeem their Program points as soon as they have sufficient Points for an available Reward.
    9.2 To redeem a Reward, a Member may contact MRC Customer Service, visit the MRC Website or visit the Raceday and Ticketing Office on the Racecourse to make a redemption of items then available or, for redemption of food & beverage Rewards, Members may redeem such Rewards at the Point of Sale.
    9.3 Once a Reward has been redeemed, the applicable number of Points will be subtracted from the Member’s account.
    9.4 Points cannot be redeemed for certain Rewards (i.e. race day dining packages and race day experiences) on Memsie Stakes Day, MRC Foundation Race Day, Caulfield Cup Day, Caulfield Guineas Day, Blue Diamond Stakes Day (CAU), Peninsula Cup Day (MOR), Zipping Classic Race Day (LBP), Mornington Cup Day (MOR)
    9.5 The redemption of any Reward is subject to the Member having the sufficient Points balance.
    9.6 The terms and conditions upon which Program points may be redeemed for Rewards, including the number of Points required to be accumulated for any Reward or redeemed for any particular Reward, shall be determined by the MRC in its sole and absolute discretion, and may be amended or changed by the MRC without notice.
    9.7 A Reward will be displayed for redemption through the MRC Website if it is available at the time the relevant entry is posted on the Website. A Reward may however become subsequently unavailable before the order and delivery form is processed.
    9.8 Additional terms regarding the redemption of Program points for particular types of Rewards may be set out in the terms published by or on behalf of the MRC from time to time on the MRC Website. Where there is inconsistency between these Terms and Conditions and any other terms and conditions published on the MRC website, these Terms and Conditions prevail.
    9.9 Except as required by law, Rewards will not be replaced if stolen, lost, damaged, destroyed or otherwise altered after delivery to the delivery address nominated by you.
    9.10 In addition to any statutory rights a Member may have and which cannot be excluded by these Terms and Conditions, a Member may return any Rewards which are faulty, damaged or unfit for use within 21 working days of delivery. If a Member requests a refund in respect of any such Reward, which is demonstrated to be faulty, damaged or unfit for use, MRC will return the Points within the 21 working days period and make the necessary adjustments the Member’s Program account. Adjustments to Points may take up to 7 working days.
    9.11 It is the responsibility of each Member, using the MRC’s Website or any other means that the MRC may make available, to keep track of all redemptions made against their Program account and ensure that sufficient Points are held in credit to cover any Rewards redemption requests. Members must report any unauthorised Reward claims or discrepancies from their account within 60 days of the occurrence.
    9.12 Rewards advertised by MRC relate solely to an individual Member’s right to redeem their Points in respect of that Reward. For example, where MRC has advertised that 7500 Points shall entitle the Member to a “Dining experience in the Let’s Elope Restaurant” this shall be construed to relate solely to the Member’s individual restaurant ticket, rather than an entire table at the Let’s Elope Restaurant. To the extent a minimum booking number is required, the Member’s guests will be required to separately purchase their restaurant ticket or (if such guests are also Members) separately redeem their Points for the Reward.


  1. Changes to the Program
    1 MRC reserves the right to change the Program and/or these Terms and Conditions at any time at its absolute discretion.
    10.2 The MRC shall use all reasonable endeavours to notify Members:
    a) of any changes to the Program and/or these Terms and Conditions; and
    b) at least 30 days in advance of any changes to the Program and/or these Terms and Conditions that materially reduce the benefits available to all or most Members under the Program, but the MRC shall not be liable in any way for any failure to do so.
    10.3 Each Member agrees that posting details of any change to the Program on the MRC Website shall be sufficient notice for the purposes of this section 10.


  1. Cancellation or Transfer of Rewards
    1 Rewards made available under the Program cannot be transferred or cancelled by the Member once they have been issued.
    11.2 Members who elect not to use a Reward once it has been issued will not be entitled to any credit or reinstatement of Points. The Reward will be deemed forfeited (unless otherwise determined by MRC in its absolute discretion).


  1. Goods & Services Tax (GST)
    1 Subscription Fees are subject to GST.
    12.2 The MRC does not charge GST on the awarding of Points to Members. However, the goods and services purchased which give rise to the awarding of points may be subject to GST.
    12.3 MRC does not charge GST on any Points redeemed Rewards provided through the Program.
    12.4 This information relates to the Program only and should not be taken as a guide to the GST impact on other loyalty programs.
    12.5 All other taxes and duties that may be payable, and other financial implications, in respect of a Member’s participation in the Program or the claiming or use of a Reward are the sole responsibility of the Member.


  1. Termination of the Program
    1 The MRC gives no warranty as to the continuing availability of the Program.
    13.2 Subject to section 10, the MRC expressly reserves the right to terminate, suspend or change the Program at any time without notice. These changes may affect any features of the Program and these Terms and Conditions.
    13.3 In the event that the Program ceases to operate, all Points that have not been exchanged for available Rewards within 30 days of the MRC issuing a notice of the cessation to Members, will be cancelled. In addition, all Rewards that have been accumulated in connection with the Program will be deemed to be cancelled if they have not been issued or used by the same date.
  2. Termination of Member Participation
    1 Unless otherwise expressly stated in these Terms and Conditions or otherwise agreed with the MRC, a Member’s participation in the Program automatically terminates in accordance with section 3.5 upon that individual ceasing to be a Member for any reason.
    14.2 The MRC reserves the right at any time in its absolute discretion to suspend or terminate a Member’s participation in the Program, which shall include any breach of these Terms and Conditions.
    14.3 Each Member agrees that he/she will not:
    a) act in a way which breaches these Terms and Conditions;
    b) act in an offensive manner toward any other Member, any MRC staff member or any other member of the public;
    c) abuse or misuse the Program or any Rewards, awarded to the Member as a result of their participation in the program;
    d) engage in illegal or fraudulent activities; or
    e) supply or attempt to supply false or misleading information, or make a misrepresentation to the MRC.
    14.4 All Points and Rewards to which the Member is entitled at the time of termination of the Member’s participation in the Program shall be forfeited upon termination and will not be reinstated.


  1. General
    1 If any part of a scheduled Race Meeting including any race, performance, event or any other element of the Race Meeting is cancelled, abandoned, postponed or relocated, in whole or in part, due to adverse weather conditions or for any other cause beyond the MRC’s control, there is no right to refund, exchange or credit and no obligation is assumed by the MRC for the arrangement of a substitute event, performance or any other element.
    15.2 Programs, menus, duration and timing may be subject to alteration without notice. The MRC reserves the right to vary, add, withdraw or substitute advertised programs, menus and facilities.
    15.3 In the instance where internal Point of Sales systems become unavailable for usage during a Race Meeting, the Melbourne Racing Club may, at its absolute discretion, elect to re-apply any applicable Promotions on a different race day (but, for the avoidance of doubt, is in no way required to do so). If the MRC elects to:

    • re-apply any applicable Promotions, MRC will use its reasonable endeavours to inform Members of the new date for the special offer as soon as reasonably practicable; or
    • maintain those Promotions for the originally intended Race Meeting despite the outage, Members must hold all receipts of payments made during the outage and either (a) provide all receipts to staff in the Race Day Office at the Race Meeting; or
      (b) scan and email receipts to membership@mrc.net.auwithin 60 days of occurrence to be entitled to claim any Points. Members will be unable to redeem Points for purchases until MRC has added such Points to the Member’s account.

    15.4 In the absence of manifest error, the MRC’s determination regarding any matter under these Terms and Conditions is conclusive and will not be disputed by a Member.
    15.5 All conditions and warranties, whether express or implied and whether arising under statute or otherwise, as to the condition, suitability, quality, fitness or safety of any goods or services supplied under the Program are expressly excluded to the full extent permitted by law. Any liability that the MRC may have to a Member under statute in respect of such goods and services which cannot be excluded is limited, where permitted, to:
    a) supplying, or paying the cost of supplying, the services again; or
    b) replacing or repairing, or paying the costs of replacing or repairing, the goods; or
    c) supplying equivalent goods or services, at the MRC’s sole discretion.
    15.6 Subject to section 15.5, any liability that the MRC may have to a Member whether for negligence, breach of contract or otherwise is limited:
    a) in the case of any claim relating to Points, to crediting that number of Points to the Member’s account; or
    b) in the case of any claim relating to a Reward, to crediting to the Member’s account the number of Points published by the MRC as required to be redeemed to claim that Reward;
    15.7 Each Member agrees that to the extent that the MRC is required to provide notice of any matter or to publish any matter to Members under these Terms and Conditions or otherwise, posting details of that matter on the MRC Website shall be sufficient notice (or publication as the case may be) of that matter to the Member and it is the Member’s responsibility to stay up to date with the Program by regularly reviewing those matters notified/published on the MRC Website.
    15.8 The Program, and these Terms and Conditions, are governed by the laws of Victoria, Australia and each Member through their participation in the Program irrevocably submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Victoria, Australia. Members agree that a judgment in any proceedings brought in the courts of Victoria, Australia will be conclusive and binding and may be enforced in any courts of any other jurisdiction.

  1. Privacy
    1 Each Member agrees that Members’ personal information will be managed in accordance with Club Rules and the MRC’s Privacy Policy as published from time to time on the MRC Website, together with any privacy notices issued (by the MRC or third
    parties on behalf of the MRC) in connection with the Program or specific Rewards or events.
    16.2 In addition, each Member hereby consents to the personal information the MRC or any Partner collects about the Member in connection with the Program (including in connection with the Member’s transactions with the MRC or any Partners) being collected, held, disclosed and used by MRC, its service providers and Partners for the purpose of:
    a) meeting any MRC or Partner commitments to Members;
    b) disclosing that information to any third party service provider whom the MRC or Partner engages to assist in meeting commitments to Members;
    c) providing Members with tailored marketing about MRC and third party products that MRC considers will be of interest to Members; and
    d) improving the customer service provided to Members, including by means of research, marketing, product development and planning.
    16.3 Each Member acknowledges that data may be collected as part of a Promotion. Such data may include personal information (and may include the location of the Member and the fact that the Member attended a particular Race Meeting), and (in addition to that data being used in accordance with section 16.2) the Member consents to such personal information being:
    a) used for the purposes of the relevant Promotion and tracking the spend and behaviour of the Member to assist with developing the design of the Program; and
    b) disclosed to any third party service provider whom the MRC engages to provide data analysis services.