Grievance Procedure


Melbourne Racing Club believes that a positive environment on course can be maintained only through cooperative efforts from all members, customers and staff.   The Club aims to provide an effective and acceptable means for members and customers to bring problems and complaints concerning their health and well-being to the attention of management.  The purpose of this policy is to allow members to have such problems, referred to as grievances, addressed internally in a timely and confidential manner.


A grievance can be about anything done, or not done, by management or another member or members, which you feel affects you unfairly or unjustly.  A grievance can also be about discrimination, harassment, or any other related decision or behaviour that you think is unfair, unjust or upsetting.


What are your options if you have a grievance?

  • Speak to the person causing the problem.

While this may not be appropriate in many cases, it may be the easiest way of resolving the issue if you do feel comfortable with speaking to the person.  You can tell them that their behaviour, decision, actions etc were unfair, offensive, discriminatory etc and why you believe this to be so.  The person may have been totally unaware of the effect their behaviour or decision has had on you.  By telling them, you will give them a chance to redress the situation.

  • Speak to MRC Management or the Membership Team

If you do not want to speak to the person directly, you can speak to MRC Management or the Membership Team about the grievance.  They will explain your options to you. This option is concerned with reaching an outcome that is acceptable to both parties.  With an informal resolution process Melbourne Racing Club does not investigate the complaint and does not form any view about its merits.

3.  Make a formal complaint

Where a formal complaint has been raised with Melbourne Racing Club or where the Club otherwise becomes aware of circumstances which might be in breach of this policy, an investigation will be undertaken into those matters.
All formal complaints are to be submitted to MRC Management.  The complaint should describe the incident(s), decision / behaviour in question, the time and date of the incident(s) etc, and the names of any witnesses.

How will your grievance be handled?

It will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and protect the complainant from any reprisal. It is important that the member (or relevant individual) also maintains confidentiality in order to avoid idle gossip and the possibility of defamation proceedings.

All formal complaints are taken seriously and all parties involved are treated fairly and impartially.

Each complaint will be dealt with in as short a time as possible in each circumstance.  While this procedure is being followed, the status quo will prevail and all usual racecourse activities will continue normally if safe, until settlement is reached.  No party will be prejudiced as to the final settlement by the continuance of work in accordance with this provision.

The investigation

Once a formal complaint is made, the MRC will investigate the matter.  The MRC will follow the grievance through to a final solution.

The MRC will interview all parties involved including any witnesses.  All parties are able to have a third party present when the interview is being conducted.

Possible outcomes

Outcomes can include (but are not restricted to) any, or a combination of any, of the following:

  • Official warnings noted on the members file
  • Formal apology by the respondent (if applicable)
  • Any mutually acceptable resolution arising out of the informal resolution process
  • Disciplinary action against the respondent
  • Disciplinary action against the complainant (person making the complaint), if after investigation, a complaint is found to be vexatious or malicious; and
  • Complaint not upheld.